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Jan 10School Days, Page 4
Jan 17School Days, Page 5
Jan 24School Days, Page 6
Jan 31School Days, Page 7
Mar 14School Days, Page 8
Mar 17School Days, Page 9
Mar 28School Days Page 10
Apr 4School Days Page 11
Apr 11School Days Page 12
Apr 18School Days Page 13
Apr 25School Days Page 14
Jun 13School Days Page 15
Jun 20School Days Page 16
Jun 22Guest Art: Rockin’ Summer
Aug 11977 Again Page 1
Aug 4Paralyzer
Aug 8Strange Kind Of Woman
Aug 11Gotta Get Up
Aug 16Should I Stay Or Should I Go
Aug 19Travelin’ Band
Aug 22I Want A New Drug
Aug 26It’s Only Rock and Roll
Aug 29Band On The Run
Sep 1Lost Weekend Page 1
Sep 6I Fought The Law
Sep 8Class Clown
Sep 12Knock On My Door
Sep 15No Matter What
Sep 22Do Ya
Sep 26Say You Love Me
Sep 30Woman Tonight
Oct 3Secret Agent Man
Oct 10Mission: Impossible
Oct 20Thank You For The Feelin’
Oct 24Pretty Woman
Oct 27Dave
Nov 1Don’t Be Afraid
Nov 14Come and Get It
Nov 21Do You Wanna Touch Me?
Nov 28Burn
Dec 8That Smell
Dec 12No More
Dec 19Wild Night
Dec 21Yoda