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Jan 6Gamblin’ Woman
Jan 13Horton Hears A Who
Jan 20Fort Munchies
Jan 29The Orgins of the Mystic Frog Part 1
Jan 30The Orgins of the Mystic Frog Part 2
Jan 31The Orgins of the Mystic Frog Part 3
Feb 1Street Fightin’ Man
Feb 2Sledgehammer
Feb 3Touch Me
Feb 4It’s Over
Feb 5Back In The Saddle Again
Feb 12Put A Spell On You
Feb 19Changes
Mar 5No Crickets
Mar 12We’re A Happy Family
Mar 19Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love
Mar 26Anyone’s Daughter
Apr 2What Is and What Should Never Be
Apr 16Time For Me To Fly
Apr 23Won’t Get Fooled Again
May 21Godzilla at the Movies
Oct 27Rockin’ Zombie Slayers
Nov 10Paradise By The Dashboard Light
Nov 17Under My Wheels
Dec 22Not So Silent Night