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Jan 2Our Story Begins…
Jan 4Laundry Day
Jan 7Moving On Up
Jan 9Rich Roommate
Jan 11Chicks Dig The Car
Jan 14Lightning Rose
Jan 16TV Night
Jan 18TV Night Part 2
Jan 21Breakfast of Champions
Jan 23Enter The Dragon
Jan 25The Neighbor Kid
Jan 28What? Oh, Yeah…
Jan 30Debbie Does Lombard
Feb 1Debbie Does Lombard Part Deux
Feb 4Out In The Country
Feb 5Birthday!
Feb 6The Shadow Knows
Feb 8Knock On My Door
Feb 11Everybody Must Get Stoned
Feb 13There Goes the Neighborhood
Feb 15The Eyes Have It
Feb 18Nerds 1, Stoners 0
Feb 20Revenge!
Feb 22Dinner For Two
Feb 25Ground Round ‘n’ Round
Feb 29Lombard Casting Couch
Mar 3Translations
Mar 5Fightus-Interruptus
Mar 7Winter Wonderland
Mar 10Truckin’
Mar 12Cruisin’
Mar 14Manilow Who?
Mar 19Psychoactive Bud
Mar 21She’s A Lady
Mar 24Extreme Makeover – 1977 Style
Mar 26For Ladies Only
Mar 28You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
Mar 31Happy Endings
Apr 7Happy Endings Part Deux
Apr 9The Lizard King
Apr 1401100110011101010110001101101011
Apr 16Flick Your BIC
Apr 18Tax Man
Apr 214/21, the Day After…
Apr 23Your Sister Can’t Twist (but She Can Rock and Roll)
Apr 25Centerfold
Apr 28Ballroom Blitz
Apr 30It’s Easy
May 2Fireball!
May 5Head On
May 9It’s Over 9000!!
May 12Mother’s Pride
May 14Litter Bud
May 16Rock and Roll Band
May 19Mother Goose
May 21I’m A Man
May 23Pop Goes the Pringles!
May 26Happy Memorial Day, Man!
May 28The Return of Debbie
May 30Hot Blooded
Jun 2The Bat Cave
Jun 4Afternoon Delight
Jun 6The Boys Are Back In Town
Jun 9Poor, Poor Pitiful Me
Jun 11It’s About Time, Part 1
Jun 13It’s About Time, Part 2
Jun 16The Letter
Jun 23The Last Dinosaur
Jun 25Travelin’ Band
Jun 27Come Together
Jun 30The Incredible Shrinking Man
Jul 2Still… You Turn Me On
Jul 4Rocket’s Red Glare!
Jul 7Meaty, Beaty, Big & Bouncy
Jul 9One Fine Morning
Jul 11City of New Orleans
Jul 14House of the Rising Sun
Jul 16Fox On The Run
Jul 18Soft Parade
Jul 21Love is Like a Rock
Jul 23Three’s Company
Jul 26A Stoner, A Nut, A Squirrel
Jul 28Somebody To Love
Jul 29Love, American Style
Jul 31I Like It Like That!
Aug 1Sail On, Sailor…
Aug 4Far Out, Man!
Aug 6I Saw A Squirrel…
Aug 8Lowland Fling
Aug 11Bath Time With Robyn
Aug 13Us and Them
Aug 15Toledo Window Box
Aug 18Don’t Get Yourself In Trouble
Aug 20Love Is Like Oxygen
Aug 22Road Trip: The Sequel
Aug 25Twilight Zone
Aug 27Up, Up and Away!
Aug 29Eight Miles High
Sep 1Good Vibrations
Sep 3Arrival
Sep 5Cultural Exchange
Sep 8Surf’s Up!
Sep 10Dear Diary
Sep 12Beach Baby
Sep 15Spies Like Us
Sep 17Billy Beer
Sep 19Smile Away
Sep 22Money
Sep 24Away From Home
Sep 26Light My Fire
Sep 29Jump Into The Fire
Oct 1Get Back
Oct 3Keep The Customer Satisfied
Oct 6Welcome Home
Oct 8Burnin’ Down The House
Oct 10Take It Like A Man
Oct 13Columbus Day
Oct 15Stairway To Heaven
Oct 17Party!
Oct 20It’s Miller Time
Oct 22Don’t Look Back
Oct 24Folgers In Your Cup
Oct 29Children of the Candy Corn
Oct 31The Mighty Quinn
Nov 3Shake, Rattle & Roll
Nov 4Vote for Jimmy Carter
Nov 5Ramble Tamble
Nov 7Uptight, Out Of Sight
Nov 10Neighborhood Watch
Nov 12Heroes
Nov 14A Good Beer Joint
Nov 17Shotgun Rider
Nov 19Flirtin’ With Disaster
Nov 21Two For The Price Of One
Nov 24Gimme Three Steps
Nov 26Run Like Hell
Nov 28Fire On High
Dec 1Help Me, Rhonda
Dec 3Takin’ Care of Business
Dec 5Brain Damage
Dec 8Fly, Robyn, Fly
Dec 10KHAN!!
Dec 12Even It Up
Dec 15The Four Musketeers
Dec 19Oh, no! There goes Tokyo!