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Jan 6Soul Man – Part One
Jan 7Soul Man – Part Deux
Jan 8Sympathy for the Devil
Jan 10301
Jan 11Could Have Been A Lady
Jan 13And Now…
Jan 25Super Trooper
Jan 27Brain Damage
Jan 29Some Girls
Feb 1Whiskey In The Jar
Feb 3Hey, Hey! Holy Cow!
Feb 5I Don’t Like Mondays
Feb 8Quadrophenia
Feb 10What’d I Say
Feb 12Kiss You All Over
Feb 15Comfortably Numb
Feb 17Too Hot To Handle
Feb 19Lawyers, Guns and Money
Feb 22Muffin Man
Feb 24Stone Cold Crazy
Feb 26In The Hall Of The Mountain King
Mar 1Muscle of Love
Mar 3Sunshine Of Your Love
Mar 8Satisfied Man
Mar 12My Bologna
Mar 15Blown
Mar 19Man Of Miracles
Mar 22Year of the Cat
Mar 24Cat Scratch Fever
Mar 26Cat Fever
Mar 29Kick It Out
Mar 31Crosstown Traffic
Apr 2Ever Eat A Pine Tree?
Apr 12Comic Books
Apr 14Space Truckin’
Apr 21Run Runaway
Apr 23Borrowed Time
May 5Guest Comic: Christine Smith
Jun 28Guest Comic: George
Jun 29Guest Comic: Skeletica
Jun 30Guest Comic: Rick the Stick
Jul 1Guest Comic: Imy the Comic
Jul 2Guest Comic: Bearman Cartoons
Jul 5Guest Comic: Shattered Myth
Jul 6Guest Comic: Scapula
Aug 1Get A Job
Aug 2Money (That’s What I Want)
Aug 4Bad Reputation
Aug 6Holidays in the Sun
Aug 9Give A Little Bit
Aug 11Heavy Metal Thunder
Aug 13Toys In The Attic
Aug 16The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get
Aug 18American Girl
Aug 20With A Little Help From My Friends
Aug 23The Letter
Aug 25Hair of the Dog
Aug 27It’s A Long Way To The Top
Aug 30Short People
Sep 1Back When My Hair Was Short
Sep 3Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers
Sep 6Bitch
Sep 9Mama Told Me (Not To Come)
Sep 10Mama Told Me (Not To Come) Part 2
Sep 13Football: Naked Women and Beer
Sep 15Poundcake
Sep 17Keep Yourself Alive
Sep 20You Got That Right
Sep 21Lola
Sep 22Slipping Away
Sep 23Boys of Summer
Sep 24Right Place Wrong Time
Sep 27Sleeping Bag
Sep 28Rockin’ Down The Highway
Sep 29Going Mobile
Sep 30Good Girls Don’t
Oct 1I Hear You Knocking
Oct 4I Thank You
Oct 8Sleeping In My Car
Oct 11Bus Stop
Oct 15Flat Broke Rich Kid Blues
Oct 18The Zoo
Oct 25Animal
Oct 27Won’t Get Fooled Again
Nov 19You Got Another Thing Comin’
Nov 29Get A Job, Page 15
Dec 6Get A Job, Page 16
Dec 13School Days, Page 1
Dec 17School Days, Page 2
Dec 27School Days, Page 3