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Jan 2From The Beginning, Part 1
Jan 5From The Beginning, Part 2
Jan 7From The Beginning, Part 3
Jan 9“The Chain” Part 1
Jan 12“The Chain” Part 2
Jan 15“The Chain” Part 3
Jan 19Slipstream
Jan 22Snortin’ Whiskey
Jan 26Mr. Snotty Sock
Jan 29The Show Must Go On
Feb 2I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction)
Feb 5Evil Woman
Feb 9Magic
Feb 12Forever In Blue Jeans
Feb 16Magic Carpet Ride
Feb 19Jump
Feb 23Beneath, Between & Behind
Feb 26Sweet Lorraine
Mar 2I’ve Seen That Movie Too
Mar 5Full Moon Turn My Head Around
Mar 9Animals
Mar 11Nutrocker
Mar 13Pet Sounds
Mar 16Any Way You Want It
Mar 18Hi, Hi, Hi
Mar 20Dafaa ho Jaao!
Mar 23Sound and the Fury
Mar 25Shocking Blue
Mar 27A Long Time Ago
Mar 30In A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Apr 1Oh, Boy!
Apr 3She’s Not There
Apr 6Never In My Life – Part 1
Apr 8Never In My Life – Part 2
Apr 10Raise A Little Hell!
Apr 13Gentlemen Take Polaroids
Apr 15Speed King
Apr 16Black and White
Apr 17Lazy
Apr 20In the Hall of the Mountain King
Apr 21Gimme Your Money Please Part 1
Apr 22Gimme Your Money Please Part 2
Apr 23Gimme Your Money Please Part 3
Apr 24Fat Bottom Girls
Apr 26Five O’Clock World
Apr 27I Wanna Be Sedated
Apr 28Psycho Killer
Apr 29You Can’t Always Get What You Want
Apr 30Double Vision
May 3Tie Your Mother Down
May 4It Was The 70s
May 5Savin’ Me
May 6Monday Morning
May 7Fire
May 10Mother
May 11Wondrous Stories
May 12My Best Friend’s Girl
May 13Flaming Youth
May 15The Last Waltz
May 171977 Noir
May 18Rubber Ducky
May 19Tush
May 20Let’s Spend The Night Together
May 21Highway To Hell
May 31Welcome Back My Friends!
Jun 1If I Had A Hammer
Jun 2Blinded By The Light
Jun 3IF I Fell
Jun 4Surf’s Up!
Jun 7The Long and Winding Road
Jun 8Welcome To My Nightmare
Jun 9Ten Inch Record
Jun 10Spaceman
Jun 11Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Jun 14The Song Is Over
Jun 25Crossroads
Jun 29Take The Long Way Home
Jul 15Dream Police
Jul 17Running On Empty
Jul 20Paranoid
Aug 2The Saga Continues
Aug 3Bad Reputation
Aug 5Teacher
Aug 7Both Ends Burning
Aug 10Changes
Aug 12Go All The Way
Aug 14Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Aug 17Living in the Material World
Aug 18White Heat, Red Hot
Aug 19Another Music In A Different Kitchen
Aug 20The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
Aug 21Will It Go Round In Circles
Aug 24Master of Reality
Aug 26Welcome To The Machine
Aug 28Georgia On My Mind
Sep 2Bad Moon Rising
Sep 3Ass, Gas or . . .
Sep 4Summer In The City
Sep 7Me And You
Sep 9I’m Movin’ Out
Sep 11Ridin’ The Storm Out
Sep 14Boom, Boom! Out Go The Lights
Sep 16Hello Goodbye
Sep 18Albert Who?
Sep 21Highway Star – Part 1
Sep 22Highway Star – Part 2
Sep 23Highway Star – Part 3
Sep 25The Battle of Evermore
Sep 28Take It Easy
Sep 30Doctor My Eyes
Oct 2Happy Together
Oct 5Houses of the Holy
Oct 7California Girls
Oct 9Life’s Been Good
Oct 12Party
Oct 13Good Girls Don’t
Oct 14I Am Woman
Oct 16The Best Way To Travel
Oct 19Blonde On Blonde
Oct 21Immigrant Song
Oct 23Slow Ride
Oct 26Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)
Oct 28Bat Out Of Hell
Oct 30Stoner Zombies!
Nov 2Hey Hey, My My
Nov 4Gone Hollywood
Nov 5Back In The Saddle
Nov 6Fame
Nov 9Atomic
Nov 11Let’s Make A Dope Deal!
Nov 13Runnin’ With The Devil
Nov 16The Bitch Is Back
Nov 18Jet Airliner
Nov 20Signs
Nov 23L. A. Woman
Nov 25Stuck In The Middle With You
Nov 27No More No More
Nov 30How Many More Times
Dec 2Her Strut
Dec 5Just What I Needed
Dec 7Big Balls
Dec 8Surrender
Dec 9Trampled Under Foot
Dec 11You’re My Best Friend
Dec 16I’d Rather Be A Man
Dec 17Polythene Pam
Dec 18Show Me The Way
Dec 21This Morning
Dec 23Life In The Fast Lane
Dec 28Problems
Dec 29Problems – Part 2
Dec 30Hotel California
Dec 31Deal With The Devil