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Feb 5Welcome to Hemp Island!
Feb 9Fly By Night
Feb 16Burning Sky
Feb 19The Crash
Feb 23I’m Your Captain
Mar 2Fire On High
Mar 9Light My Fire
Mar 16Strawberry Fields Forever
Mar 23Teacher
Mar 30Gimme Shelter
Apr 6Ridin’ The Storm Out
Apr 13That Smell
May 11Fish Heads
May 14Wipeout
May 18The Tide Is High
May 26Masters of Reality
Jun 1Woke Up With Wood
Jun 8Stop Stop Stop!
Sep 8The Hunt – Part 1
Sep 14Action!
Sep 21Cute Little Farts
Sep 29Over My Head
Nov 2Killer Queen
Nov 9Nowhere Man
Nov 11Sunshine of Your Love
Nov 16Vive La France!
Nov 23Man In The Wilderness
Dec 14Not Alone Anymore