First, Rhonda/Brenda has come a long way since I first introduced her early last year (if you’re not up on the name thing, check out last October’s strips featuring her and the rednecks that beat up Bud).  Second, yes, I picked a damn Helen Reddy song for today’s title.  There are probably a hundred other feminist type songs I could have picked from, but last night was really rough on the Wilkins family, so you can cut me some slack on this one.

Briefly, we lost a family pet last night… Spooky our really cool black cat.  His latest bought with a urinary tract infection got the better of him and he is now chasing mice in kitty heaven.  Thank you in advance for your thoughts.  I won’t bring the party down here, I just wanted you to know.

With that, I’ll cut out, as it’s very late and I’m exhausted.  More on Friday.  I was planning on five comics this week with the swinger party theme, but I’m taking today off.  See you Friday, man!