Today’s comic brought to you by the letters F and A… as in Fuckin’-A, man!  As promised, Jeff’s double-sized blues song comic is here.  The week has been a rough one with a ton of work and of course the launch of the Webcomic Alliance, but I digress.

I *cannot* take credit for the lyrics.  The idea and set-up are mine, but thanks to my editor, Jeff has his own song.  As much as my editor enjoys popping me upside the head with my silly redneck grammar infractions, she enjoys music even more.  As a literary type, seems blues lyrics were up her alley.  I for one am glad it is!  So, a big thank you to my editor.  Yay!

Love Bud in the final frame.  The underlying theme originally was going to be they’ve lost their power and Jeff was going to be bemoaning their lose due to no cash, but this didn’t need the power company zinger at all, but having Bud with a lighter would have had two meanings with the original concept.  Perhaps I’ll do the other one someday…

No song for today, as crap, we’ve got an original one that would fit nicely into 1977 blues rock just fine.  So, hum the unknown melody in your head as you walk around the office today.