Hey everybody! Sorry for the missed update last week, but I have been under the weather of late and a lot landed on my freelance plate. I do not like missing updates, but life is what it is.

Anyway… One more page of the big ending for the Mystic Frog story! We’ll see what’s next for Bud now that the Mystic Frog is under the control of the Devil.

Like REO Speedwagon or not, they were a major player back in the late ’70s. The 1978 release “You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish” was on my turntable a lot. Kevin Cronin hadn’t completely turned the band into the wussy ‘8os ballad band they eventually became, and this album still had some rock and roll left in it. Today’s comic title just flowed right out as I wrote the script. The lyrics don’t tie into the comic’s theme, but it’s still a good song!