Budette is hot… which is a strange thing to say.  But, with his sister being the Playmate of the Year, is it any question that Bud would be anything but a hot chick?  Yeah.  Drew Bud and Jeff in the first panel along the lines of how I use to draw them back in 2008.  I do a better job with cartoon hair today.  Bud’s shirt is back to the original design (it was ruined the last time he transformed on the “Road Trip” saga, if you remember), so I’m trying to stay a bit true to what originally transpired.  I also think of shit like that, the Geek that I am.

The final frame is my homage to a great article from the November ’78 issue of National Lampoon which was written by the (then) unknown John Hughes.  Yes, the director of “The Breakfast Club”, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and “Sixteen Candles” wrote for National Lampoon.  He did two similar articles where a young boy, or girl, mysteriously gains the sexual organ of the opposite sex for a day.  “My Penis” and “My Vagina” are two of my favorite articles of those years in National Lampoon.  Mainly as I actually read them.  I bought Lampoon for the comics (duh) and the True Facts stuff they had.  Plus the killer stereo ads they had.  So, anyway, the illustration for “My Penis” has always made me laugh.   From the moment I saw it, I always wanted to draw it.  I attempted too back in 2008 and did a piss poor job of it.  Today’s final frame captures it nicely.  I’ve added it below for you to compare.  Cracks me up…

Golden Oldie today.  From 1976 is Cliff Richard’s comeback single “Devil Woman”.  It’s especially appropriate for a couple reasons.  One, the Devil is who finally breaks Bud’s curse in the first place.  And, two, apparently the song has some curse spinning gypsy woman in it as well.  This is from Wikipedia: “The song is told from the point of a view of a man jinxed from an encounter with a stray cat with evil eyes, and his discovery that the psychic medium (a Gypsy woman) whose help he sought to break the curse was the one responsible for the curse in the first place.” Who knew.  I just like the guitar riff. I rarely listen to lyrics… which gets me hate mail every time.