Joenis Norac, a very talented and funny artist, has graced 1977 the Comic with this year’s Halloween comic entry!Β  I had an idea a while back that you never see stoner zombies, we’re just too laid back to become these angst filled zombies who want to munch on living brains.Β  So, I tossed the idea to Joenis and this is what he came up with.Β  Don’t be eating breakfast when reading this (oh, too late for some of you…).

Joenis has TWO comics sites!Β  One called Unconscious Ink [ui] and the other one called Anhedonia Blue. They’re both very cool and deserve a look-see when you have a chance.


Now, a small update.Β  I had some rather ugly personal shit go down for me this week.Β  I’m fine, how are you?Β  I survived the “event” as I knew I would, but it “ate” much of my brain power and it was a tad stressful.Β  I won’t get into what it was, as it is a LONG damn story, but suffice to say, it wore me out emotionally and physically.Β  I’m really good to go now, but I could not get up the energy to complete today’s comic.Β  So, just forΒ  you readers, there will be FOUR updates next week.Β  I’ve done this a couple times here of late and not made a big deal out of it, so it’ll be no problem to get done next week.

Enjoy your Halloween, and watch out for those quiet stoner zombies… bastards…