Welcome to the first official comic post for 2010!  It was a busy holiday creating desktops for the Subscriber area and rewriting this finale.

So, those of you thinking that the Mystic Frog’s spell was holding up Bud’s soul, you were right on the money.  But, if you go back to the comic from February 5th (heh, my birthday!) you will see that Bud was concerned about being left-handed as a woman.  That comic is a HUGE hint to tomorrow’s comic.   Part Two tomorrow and then the big double-sized Part Three on Friday.

The Blues Brothers covered a great Sam & Dave song from the 60s for their 1978 album “Briefcase Full of Blues”.  “Soul Man” has a much different meaning then how I’m using it here, but Bud certainly is a “soul man” or at least will be shortly…  Oh, the genesis of the Blues Brothers was on a January 17, 1976, Saturday Night Live skit.  Trivia story (stop me if you’ve heard it) In 1977 (when else?) I use play poker every Saturday night with the TV-10 News production grunts.  We got together at 8:00pm to watch “M.A.S.H.” then played poker until 10:30 at which point we ate pizza, drank mass quantities of beer and watched “SNL” until Midnight.  Then we played poker until the sun came up Sunday morning.  I’d drag my ass in as the Church folks were driving by my apartment and I reeked of beer, pizza, cigars and pot.  Mothers would cover their kid’s eyes as I walked by half in the bag.  Good days, good days…