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Essentially the activities of Lorraine and Jeff hunting, and being filmed by the unseen Mild Kingdom crew, took place during the day just after the tidal wave hit the island. So, now it’s evening, Bud had regained consciousness with a sexy dream of Robin. The drummer/bassist duo had tried to do the horizontal bop on the beach butΒ decided to move to the grassy area of the island. And now you’re caught up.

I don’t often bounce back in time in a story to show the events of another part of the story, but the Mild Kingdom idea was too fun for me to pass up. I hope you all enjoyed it. And for those of you nit-pickers out there, a lot of segments in TV shows are filmed in advance, but the talent does a “toss” back to the studio. So no, Marlin is not talking live to Jim on the island, he’s just responding to the filmed segment. Happy now? πŸ™‚

Oh, there will be at least one more page this week, and I’m hoping to have three done to help make up for lost time due to my depression episodes. So far so good.

Now that most of the music industry has their panties tied up in a knot over music streaming rights, many songs on YouTube have disappeared, or simply can’t be viewed here in the USA (like Beatles’ tunes). I get it, the musicians want to be paid. Personally, if folks on Social Media shared my comics, I’d be thrilled as that would be introducing my work to new readers, and potential purchasers. Anyway, I ramble. Here’s the only version of “Nowhere Man” I could find on YouTube. Though it seems there is an official Beatles channel that is slowly adding videos of songs.

Inks by Liz Staley of “Adrastus” comic. Go view her work and by her Manga Studio books on Amazon!