OH, Lynda Carter was my favorite fantasy & poster in 1977.  I  had this HUGE poster of her as Wonder Woman… like 4×5 feet… took up a whole wall practically.  It was the conversation piece of my apartment for a while.  That and Farrah’s poster.  Ah, to be young again…

1977 saw the release of TWO Ramones albums, but today’s title comes from their 1978 release “Road to Ruins”.  I was not that into the Ramones back then, but was aware of them for sure.  But, a couple of my favs today are “Teenage Lobotomy” and “Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio”.  And do I remember Rock Radio.  Nothing like it today for sure.

If you didn’t remember, there was a comic posted  yesterday, so back up and check it out if you missed it! Sunday to Thursdays now with a larger comic on Sundays. Rock.