And they lived happily ever after… Our girls are a bit naughty, now aren’t they?  And good for  you Chuck… keeping your hair nice and soft by rinsing it with beer!  What a guy!

Quick story, as I was never lucky enough to have two girls in the shower with me.  BUT… my freshman year there was a big bash on one of the co-ed floors in my dorm.  As you don’t buy beer but rent it, I had to go let Mr. Bladder do its thing.  Entering in the bathroom, which also contained the showers, I was greeted by not one, but three couple enjoying themselves in the stalls.  I knew one of the gals really well too, and I knew her just that much more after that brief visit.  I was invited to leave with some reference to my Mother’s sexual partner, which I did so quickly.  Put up a sign next time, eh?

AC/DC is one kick ass band.  I gotta work in “Big Balls” somehow here soon… and judging from Robyn’s expression, Chuck may be the reason.