You know, I really “hate” talented people and Aidan Casserly of the comic “Scapula” seems to be a really “hated” person!  Aidan has come through again this year with a terrific piece of guest art for my break, and since he was the first one in, he gets published first.  I’m kinda simple that way.

There will be more guest art next week!

Now that Summer has arrived officially (Summer Solstice was yesterday for us Northern Hemisphere folk), nothing says summertime rock then the old San Fransisco heavy metal band Blue Cheer.  I remember seeing photos of this power trio standing in front of what seemed like a wall of Marshall amps.  Probably only two amps, but for my young eyes (1968) it seemed  like a lot. And speaking of 1968, this was the year that saw this song hit #14 on the Billboard charts and also saw “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro hit #1.  It was an odd year for sure.  From pop syrup to psychedelic rock!  A great year to be 11 for sure. I had also discovered Playboys in my Uncle’s basement.  Nice…

Anyway, crank this sucker up and annoy the hell out of your office mates, they’ll love you for it!