Jeff uses the last of the matches to light a joint. Priorities, for sure. πŸ™‚

Spent WAY too much time on this page. Re-drew it about a half dozen times. Fiddle with poses, hands, angles… you name it, I did it at least once in this comic. I normally have a very good idea of what I want. But when I drew my first version, I wasn’t happy with it. Then I did a second version. That hit the mark, but I didn’t like a couple of frames. Re-worked it some more, and them some more. So, after all that, I didn’t start inking until Sunday and then I had chores to do around the house. At least I have it colored. Shading will show up tomorrow.

Since Jeff’s high and getting ready to light the fire (which never goes well with Bud and Jeff’s history of blowing things up), I decided to go with the old stand-by of ELO’s “Fire On High”. It should start at the 1:30 mark. If not, skip to that point as that’s where ALL the radio stations start the track. The rest of the intro is just someone being high and writing down a bunch of notes for an orchestra to play (at least to my ears).