Welcome back, my friends, as we’re back in the saddle again here at 1977 the Comic.

I had this story done two years ago, but, as most of know, life got in the way.  Now I’m back and the Revenge of the Mystic Frog is at hand!  If you’re new to the comic, I’d suggest clicking here to read this blog post.  That will get you on-track for the current story.  Of course, you could just go to the very first comic and read your way through over 500 comics in the archives.  Lots here at 1977 the Comic.

And who better to kick us off then Aerosmith?  Back when they rocked.  Literally.  1977’s “Rocks” started off with a bang with “Back in the Saddle Again” and was a tune heavily played in my car on mix tapes of all types.