And the deal is done… or maybe not. We’ll have to see next week. Remember, Bud is clever. 🙂  He has to be, he’s reading a “Superman” comic!

  • I was making a little fun of the dramatic comic character pose in the 3rd frame as Budette points down at the Mystic Frog. Comics can take themselves a bit too seriously sometimes, and it’s good to cut-loose at our own expense.
  • I’m also adding some sarcasm to the contract text too… if you can read it. Tad small once it’s on the web.
  • And since we can’t put up real phone numbers in movies and TV shows (thus why the JL5- is used as there’s no prefix 555 anywhere), I took JL5- and made it XL5- in  honor of “Fireball XL5”. Now, there’s no area code shown, as we wouldn’t have needed it back in 1977 as Chicagoland had all but ONE area code at the time, so if you go calling that number, well, you’re your own.
  • Also note the “TNA” underneath the Death Star logo on the phone. More fun at AT&T’s expense.

Continuing the “Fireball” theme, here’s a song from the Deep Purple album of the same name. “Anyone’s Daughter” is a nice break from their usual sound and also a very funny song. “I made the judge’s daughter. Yes I did, it was nice.” And more like that. 🙂 Starts off a tad quiet then picks up in volume.