And the Road Trip has begun. Stand by for all types of destruction and mayhem as the gang takes over California and the splendors that state has to offer, especially LA and San Diego.  And now I gotta draw a pool scene with nothing but bikini babes… poor me.

Albert Hammond wrote and sang a little pop tun in 1972 called “It Never Rains In Southern California” and it was played, like, non-stop for about a month.  I learned to hate it.  Hammond went on to become a producer and writer of hit songs for groups like Starship.  Good thing as I learned to hate his voice.  Leo Sayer had a a #1 hit in 1977 called “When I Need You” which was written by…. Albert Hammond.  Even found a 1977 tie-in.  Thank you YouTube.

A couple pit stops next week, then we hit the San Diego beaches for some summer fun… even though it’s turning Fall.  Hey, whatever…