Debbie’s storyline is delving into 1977’s past again and a surprise visit from a special someone rounds out today’s comic!

Here’s how drawing this comic went. First, my 11 year old likes to watch me draw and I let him as I want him to be an unemployed artist just like me! I keep “1977” PG-13 at best, but tonight I had to draw some semi-naked women. They end up covered, but the sketches are naked.

Here’s the conversation as my 11 year entered the room:

“Are you drawing boobies, Dad?”

“They’re called knockers, and yes, I am.”

“Are you drawing for a dirty magazine?”

“No, I’m drawing for a dirty webcomic… Where’s your Mom?”

“Asleep. Why are you drawing knockers?”

“I was kidding about the knockers… nevermind… it’s for my comic, you’ll see.”

“Wanna go outside?”

“In a minute. Dad can’t get up right this moment.”

I’m such a good father…

PS: The title is a DREADFUL song, but a great way to kill an afternoon… 😀