Can’t Go Back to Memphis? Not really, I want to go back and visit the Gibson guitar manufacturing plant there. Holy cow. I could spend the whole day just watching them make SG bass guitars. I’d pay them just to sit there and watch. Spent a very brief night there a couple years back on┬ámy way home from New Orleans. Was in New Orleans for a trade show and caught the beginning of Mardi Gras. I WILL go back to that. Best damn cigar I ever had was in New Orleans. Plus, at Mardi Gras, you can drink and smoke in the streets. There I was, with a “big-ass” beer, a mighty fine stogie and watchin’ the parade go by. Nice.

Anyway, my new anti-depressants have started to kick in. I did more shit last week than I have in the past two months. I got a lot of “housekeeping” stuff done. Filled out some health insurance forms, redesigned my illustration website and a ton of other stuff. I am starting to draw more. If this continues, I’ll be on track to get the comic back up by the end of the month. I don’t anything changing, but one never knows with these medications.

Quite often I just start doodling and then a pose comes to life. This is what happened with today’s pose. Once I had Lorraine sketched, I wanted to do a quasi-Stevie Nicks look to her. Flowing shawls and long scarfs are harder to draw then you’d think. It’s more the coloring. They’re more translucent and I didn’t capture that this time. Next time. But at least I’m drawing!

I love Randy Bachman. Started with him when he was with the Guess Who in the late ’60s then became a solid fan with Bachman-Turner Overdrive. I’ve followed BTO for over 40+ years now. As long as they’re rockin’, then so will I. This song is from Randy’s solo album “Merge” and is one of the more peppy tunes on the album. Randy may not be able to go back to Memphis, but I can. See you next week.