Have a spooky Halloween this week! To get you started here’s the 1977 gang taking on a zombie horde. You sharp-eyed folks will recognize that this comic is a parody of the film “Shaun of the Dead”, which explains Bud’s shirt and tie. I thought what better movie to parody than “Shaun of the Dead” as they use records to hold off some zombies.

Feels really good to be back. Now, don’t get your motors running too fast yet as I’m still on the road to recovery here. I will be posting seasonal comics like this and perhaps some others between now and February. After the New Year, I’ll see where I am as far as my health and make a decision then. But, the comic will come back, even if it’s only once a month. So just know I’m coming back somehow.

I want to thank everyone for their support during these past few months. They were exactly the highlight of my life thus far, but at least they’re behind me. So for now, let’s rock this thing best we can. 

Click here for a larger version of the comic