Hello all! The site is back up after a huge SNAFU over at the host. The comic’s website, and I, are not going anywhere for a long time to come. Rest assured of that.

Okay! I’m making some great progress on the updated and new pages for the “Hemp Island” story version 2.0. I’ve gotten back into the swing of drawing the characters. I was REALLY out of practice and it was quite messy. I’ve settled on how I’m going to colorize the book as well. With those hurdles out of the way, I’m not finishing up the old and new pages. I’m not swift, but I’m trying to be steady as possible. 

The new version will come out in print format first. This is to make good on the Go Fund Me I ran two years ago. Holy crap, two years. I’m sorry for the delays, but if you’ve been following me at all, you know my depression has gotten the better of me these past five years. Doing what I can now, and I seem to be back to drawing. Good thing, as my life totally nuts, so drawing helps ease the pain.

Once the print version is out, I will publish each and every new page here on the website. They will come out one-a-day until they’re all published. So if you can’t swing the cash for the comic book, you’ll have the same thing here on the site. 

If you want to follow along with my progress and see full page previews, please sign up over at Patreon. I’m back to drawing stuff over there too, so there’s some stuff to see. Every little bit helps, so please support me over there if you can. Thanks!

I’m glad to be back to drawing. I’ve missed the 1977 gang, and I still have some stories left in me to tell. Thanks for tagging along!