I see a new doctor this Friday to help manage my clinical depression, and see what options I have for my ADHD. All I know is that my mind is fried and doing anything puts me into some sort of anxiety. Knowing that people are waiting for me to create new comics here is, well, driving me crazy. More like it adds to those things that trigger my anxiety. So, I have to put some things to bed for a while until I get my mental health on the road to recovery. I’ve jumped in and out of this pond too many times while not getting myself completely healthy. I will not make that mistake now.

I will of course continue to draw and work on those commissions that have sat on my desk for a year or more. 1977 is not dead, as long as I’m not. And I’m not going down that path anytime soon.

There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me. And I’m gonna knock the fucker out on their ass here real soon. 🙂