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What the hell happened to happened to March? Man, it was a jammed packed month like I’ve not had in a long time. I was rarely home, and if I was, my youngest son and I were hard at work finishing up the restoration of my 1993 Miata. We did get the Miata running, and just in time!

First, my youngest son, Adam, was preparing to move to North Carolina to attend the NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville. So… he decides to buy a Dodge RAM 2500. Not just any RAM 2500, but one with a V10, 4×4, 5-speed, extended cab, AND long bed. Not too picky, is he? Well, he FOUND one… in ATLANTA. He asked me to go with him, as he’s never bought a car out-of-state before, or flown alone. So… I made him take me to the NASCAR race, which was coincidentally on the same weekend we were to pick up the truck. After that, it was long, two-day drive home in a used truck. 

Second, since Adam had to move the last week of March, that left us little time to finish installing the engine he rebuilt for my Miata. On top of that, the interior wasn’t finished either. LOTS of work. No, TONS of work. I’m so impressed with how Adam pulled off this restoration. Not bad for a 20 year old kid.

Third, I had a comic con in March! Damn planning ahead. Turns out the ONE convention I’m doing this year was smack-dab in the middle of the month I’m moving my son. I made NO money at the con, which made matters worse. But, it was a nice mini-vacation for me as I got to hang with good friend Dawn Griffin, who showed me all the tourist sights of Cleveland. Yes, there are many interesting things in Cleveland. 🙂

Fourth, was I actually had to move Adam to North Carolina. My wife handled getting a rental property set-up, which is a pile of paperwork and phone calls in of itself. Then Adam and I had to rent a U-Haul trailer to tow behind his RAM 2500. He of course waited until the last minute to pack his stuff. THEN at the last possible moment, his truck’s radiator sprung a leak. He got a new one just in time to install the day before towing a U-Haul across country (and mountains). Nerve wrecking to say the least. But, we all made it and now March is DONE!!

I’m doing my best to keep April as low-key as possible. I have a ton of stuff to catch up, as well as get back to doing the pages for the latest story here at 1977. But as you can tell, I have had my hands full for a solid month now. Drawing everyday will seem like a vacation.

Not many songs about paperboys, but Queen does a great song about riding bicycles! From their 1978 album “Jazz” came the double sided single of “Bicycle Race” and “Fat Bottomed Girls”, which each song mentions the other in the lyrics. Plus, how could I not include a video with naked girls riding bicycles? Come on… 🙂