There WILL be a comic page this week. I spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday pretty much wiped out with a terrible case of a head-cold/flu like symptoms. Shivers, cough, sneezing, peeing every hour and the like. Not conducive to doing much of anything except sitting in bed and watching bad movies on TV.

There’s a couple drawing themes going around for October in the webcomic world and one of them is called “Drawlloween”. They had a for last Friday’s theme “Better Homes and Goblins” and I took it a step further, because what is a home garden without a Gnome? Plus Gnomes smoke pipes, so they fit right in.

Enjoy a little distraction while I get my game back on and have a comic on Wednesday. NEXT WEEK will be the SAME as I’m in New York this weekend hanging with comic pals and co-horts for New York Comic Con. I’m not even going into the con, but rather enjoying a weekend of drink and draws and seeing New York. Never actually done “tourist” type crap in NYC, so here’s my chance.

Bob Rivers’ “Flu Ride” hits it on the head how I felt all weekend. See you on Wednesday.