I may be on hiatus, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have something to look at here on the old comic site. The family had a really busy day on Saturday and that left me home alone with the dog. After watching “Godzilla” (2014), I turned on some tunes and realized NO ONE WAS HOME!!  So I blasted some good ol’ rock and roll (started with BTO of course). Soon, I was drawing again. Felt great. Spent the whole day drawing like I used to. Was refreshing. I need to kick my family out of the house more often. :)

Ms. Satan made her first appearance back in August of 2009 as part of the year-long story “Road Trip” where Bud and the gang end up in California after Bud makes a deal with the Devil. Ms. Satan also was used in the Mystic Frog story at the very end as Bud tricks the Mystic Frog into signing a deal with the Devil as well. So, today you get both Ms. Satan and her angry sidekick, Frank the Goat. Styx II is not a bad album, but the title fit best over the River Styx entrance. :)

Rob Stenzinger (@RobStenzinger on Twitter) wins the “Godzilla caption this” contest I ran on Twitter and Facebook over the weekend. His prize is his name here on the comic. Big deal. Anyway, Rob is a cool guy. Artist, musician, instructor and long-haired hippy freak… my kind of person. :)


Ringo’s “Ringo” album was one of the best albums of 1973, and that’s saying a lot. 1973 was a bumper crop of great rock albums. It is Ringo’s first rock album after having done two solo albums back in 1970 that were ballad and country themed albums. Everyone who is anyone appeared on this album including all his ex-Beatles mates. The lead off track “I’m the Greatest” was written by Lennon and featured Harrison, Lennon, Starr, Billy Preston and Klaus Voormann. That is pretty much a Beatles reunion if there ever was one. Today’s track is one of the more rockin’ tunes on the album and the title fits today’s comic perfectly. Enjoy!