A little Bud for you. I was looking at the patterns and backgrounds built into Manga Studio 5 and saw this row of flames, and “BAM!” I knew I had found my background. Having been to hell and back, it was fitting that Bud be playing in front of flames.

I’m back to practicing drawing my characters as I’ve started to draw again. I’m building up steam and seem to be steady this time. I’m giving it some time before jumping into anything, but this has been the longest stretch of “normal” time for me. I still have my moments, but they come and go much faster now. I am story-boarding the New York story-line currently. I’ve had this concept for a while now and want to take the comic out on a high note. At this point, I would not start publishing the NYC story until my birthday in February. But I am hoping to have more frequent updates here as I start to build toward the final story of 1977 the Comic.

In the meantime, have some Crazy World of Arthur Brown and his 1968 hit “Fire!”