Greetings all! And yes, I’m “Back In Your Face” today with a tease of what’s coming. But first, the obligatory story!

I’ve been working on illustrationsĀ for an Ad agency in New York these past few weeks and they are complete! I can’t talk about them publicly until after July 4th, and rest assured I will fill you in on all the details. They were a ton of fun to work on and a great boost to my morale, which it needed desperately. I didn’t try producing any comics in that time period so that I could apply all of my focus on those illustrations. I have to have my depression medication altered or changed as I’m still not able to multi-task just yet and I still get confused now and then, which is a total distraction to say the least.

From the tease above, yes there will be a follow up to Robyn and Bud’s “getting it on” comic. Then I have the next three pages already laid out and hope to post them as quickly as possible. I will be back on my Monday updates starting next week. There will be a comic this week, I just don’t know when. You’ll see it when it pops up later on. :)

Def Leppard reportedly formed in 1977. I will take their word for it. Never heard of them until the 1983 single “Photograph” hit the charts. I bought “Pyromania” and “Hysteria” without hesitation and love them both. Saw Leppard sometime in 1990’s. Can’t remember exactly when. But their 1999 album “Euphoria” comes close to blowing those two albums out of the water. It was their last album to really rock and I rank it higher than “Pyromania” for sure. It’s hard to top “Hysteria”. Anyway, today’s song title is rather appropriate as I head back to the drawing board for 1977 pages. Enjoy and see you later this week!