I personally cannot stand to fish. The only way to fish is to be completely drunk. Then you risk falling off the boat and drowning. So save your life and just drink on the shore and leave the fishing to real fishermen.

Ah, Huber Beer. The poor man’s beer of choice in 1977. A case went for like $4.00 or something there about. It was cheap. It tasted as good as it’s price too. So, I’d start the evening off with a couple expensive beers and then switch to Huber beer. If you were going to throw it up anyway, way not make it a cheap beer? Made economic sense to me. Huber is no longer made, but in its hey-day it was a middle-of-the-road Wisconsin beer. Not great, but not bad. You got what you paid for.

And a little nod in the second panel to those annoying Folgers coffee TV ads back in the day. At least they stopped with “My husband hates my coffee!” spots. Those were not only annoying, but insulting. I can remember hating those commercials even as a kid as I thought the husbands were being real a-holes for knocking their wife’s coffee in front of guests. Then that old lady with the accent would pop in and just happen to have a can of Folgers with her. I hated commercials then, and I still do. Thank God for DVRs (and VCRs) so I can skip most of that crap now.

And Jeff is no fool for the city as we’re finding out as they camp out in Wisconsin.