I ran out of energy late last week, then I spent most of the weekend doing Spring Cleaning. Cleaned out my 3-car garage, then spent part of Sunday cleaning the front flower beds. It was good to get outside and into the fresh air. But with low energy last week and a semi-busy weekend, I’m going to take this week off from the comic. I am at C2E2 this weekend for three days as I’ll be in the Smith Micro booth demonstrating Manga Studio EX5, the drawing software I use to do all my illustrations and comics. So, I will have three days of drawing time to fill, thus I’ll be working on some 1977 pages while I’m there. Hopefully I’ll get two of them done and we’ll be caught up!

In the meantime, enjoy a portrait of Robyn doing what the gang is supposed to be doing: setting up for a rock and roll gig. This is also a hint to Robyn’s new outfit once we return from the tropics. She’s gonna dig the torn sleeve look and continue to use that. Now whether it’s a blouse or t-shirt, I haven’t decided yet.

One of my favorite tunes from Huey Lewis and the News, “Couple Days Off” gets turned up in the car every time. Plus, it’s perfect for today’s theme.