Okay. A lot is going on with me, so I’ll just start with the most recent news and move backwards from there.

accident-01My youngest son was in a horrible car accident this past Saturday night, the 16th of April. Horrible as in the paramedics said it was a miracle he and his girlfriend were alive. It was a head-on collision and my son and his girlfriend walked away from it with only minor injuries. His car is totaled, but we don’t give a shit about that. He’ll be fine, but that’s a lot to handle now dealing with his girlfriend’s injure ankle, my son’s multiple bruises, police reports, medical bills and the other driver’s insurance company as that driver was at fault, not my son.

My 89 year old father passed away last Thursday after a 7+ years battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He had been in the hospital toward the end of March and it was just a waiting game until his body finally moved on to it’s final resting place. This has been an extremely emotional time for me as my three older sisters and I deal with his passing.

Those two things alone are reason enough for me to be distracted. BUT. March also ramped up to be the busiest month for my freelance career in a long, long, long time. Then toss in that I attended not one, but two major comic cons within three weeks, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with life.

1977 the Comic is alive, but the first few months of this year have not allowed me the time to work on it. I’d appreciate some slack here. Asking about updates is fine, but understand life threw me some major curves here and they don’t go away in day or so. Add on top of Β that, I’m trying to see my doctor and therapist for the next stage in my depression. I have neglected my health for a long time and I’m not well. Physically and mentally I’m a wreck. But, they both can be corrected and put on the right course. I will make that a priority now that I seem to have things a bit more under control.

If all of this isn’t your cup of tea, I understand. I’ll be here if and when you return. Just understand, I’ll update here when I’m ready. And that is not going to happen this month. I do want to aim for May 1st, but I cannot guarantee that at the moment. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, as they say. Know I’m very upset I can’t get to the comic, because drawing not only relieves my stress, it is my freakin’ career to do illustrations. Thank you for understanding.