At the end of “summer” each year, a town near me throws a “Last Fling” weekend event that is capped off by some famous classic rock group performing live at a free concert.  This is from 1990.  I had just gotten an S-VHS camcorder for my company to shoot low-end videos and was playing around with it and decided to videotape the entire concert while standing on a grassy field.  I just found the video after nearly 20 years and decided it was time to bring it into the digital era.  I edited the video using AVID’s Liquid 7.2 software then exported the audio into Steinberg’s Clean to add some needed punch to the mono soundtrack (they came out with a Hi-Fi version right after I bought this camera… typical).

For several years bassist Fred Turner and I exchanged the occasional email.  The band has quit touring now and his website has gone dark.  BTO has always held a warm spot in my heart… their music is just fun to listen to and it always puts me into a better mood.  So, enjoy this little gem from 1990 called “Gimme Your Money Please” which is a story of how the band got mugged on their first trip to New York and the gunman actually said “please” when asking for their money.  Fun story and great song!