Damn, I hate being away from the comic. Been a while and for that I’m sorry. But now back to our show.

New format today. I’ve come a long way from January of 2009 when I did a similar format. For the time being (probably until the end of the year) I’ll be doing only one update like this a week. If I get the time and can crank one or two smaller strips out, I most certainly will.

Starting in January I’ll be doing two a week anyway as I’ll be doing the “On Tour” story for the comic book that will be release in March, in time for C2E2 comic convention in Chicago. Of course the comic will be available here on the site as well. If it goes well, I’ll do two or three exclusive comics like that a year. I’d rather put them out for the iPad or other e-readers, but seems the world ain’t totally ready for that big move yet. Come on, this old fart hates printing book. Save a tree, buy an iPad.

A little Judas Priest today. Their album in 1977 was produced by Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover. Trivia! Loved Roger’s on-stage look of the cowboy hate and bullets up his guitar strap. And, the residents of the Zoo where Jeff works are in for a surprise as our man takes control.