And we say good-night to the Mystic Frog. As with most stories like this, the bad guys are never really gone forever.

I want to thank you all for tolerating my indulgence in going back to a 2008 story-line and taking it to the next level. Both my writing and drawing skills back in 2008 would have never let me realize my vision. I’m sure 6 years from now I’ll look back on these comics and go “Man, what was I smokin’?” As I have made it a goal of mine to improve each and every year.  Also, I can’t tell you what a joy it was to get the whole gang back together again. There will be plenty of Lorraine, Jeff and Robyn in the weeks to come.

Speaking of improvements, I’m getting some help from an Alliance Podcast listener and I’ll be sneaking in things I’m learning from him as the weeks go by. One thing I will be doing from here on out is parting my character’s hair properly. I’ve drawn the hair very much like a cartoon where no matter what angle you’re at, the character’s hair looks the same. This is good in simple TV cartoons, but at this stage, I’m ready to take my characters to that next level. Anyway, you’ll see some changes as we move along in the coming weeks.

Next week starts back with the Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll stuff. Some story arcs mixed in with some random thoughts. I will be taking the gang to New York here very soon as they try to survive the night of the ’77 blackout. Some fun for sure in that story.

And what better way to end this story line then with the greatest rock and roll song of all time; the Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” I cannot think of a better song as Bud will NOT be fooled again by the Devil or the Mystic Frog. Now, for the rest of the gang… only time will tell.