Some Mom’s might think it’s an okay present…

I was asked a while back if I was going to dip into the Yes catalog and today’s comic title should answer that with a big YES.  1977’s “Going For The One” is perhaps their best, but lesser known albums.  It featured the return of Rick Wakeman on keyboards/synthesizers… ousting Patrick Moraz who would later gain much fame as the keyboardist for all of the 80s big hits for the Moody Blues.  Today’s title is just perfect… this event IS making for a Wondrous Story indeed as Bud is telling it to his daughter and you & I get to tag along.  I’m a genious sometimes.

I will be coming back to this album shortly as it has a couple more titles that will hit the mark for 1977.  Glad they released it in the year they did!

More tomorrow as we try to get out of the bathroom and some hot water! 🙂


I forgot to mention that webcomic creator Eldon Cowgur posted a review of 1977 up at his comic “Astray3” Not only should you check out the review, but take a look the comic!  Great storyline and even better artwork!  Click here to go see the review.