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Fishing Strikes Back! Lots going on in this comic. We know this story takes place in early June of 1977, thus, “Star Wars” has been released. Being Sci-Fi geeks, Jeff and Bud have seen the film, which is why Bud is quoting Darth Vader in the first three frames. And the Millennium Falcon was a Corellian freighter and this is referenced in the original “Star Wars” novel (which I own). So, Bud would be aware of what type of freighter Han Solo flew.

And it was common where I grew up to use the phrase “Did you get the license of that semi-truck?” just after something knocked the crap out of you or you fell down. I get questions from time to time about phrases like that I use, so I figured I’d beat you all to the punch.

And yes, Bud is looking up to the sky asking God what’s next. Now this is not the first time Bud has spoken to God (click here to see the January 19th, 2009 comic) and probably not the last.

“Wipeout” has a long history of being covered. Original recorded by the Surfaris in 1962 (but hitting the charts in 1963) as a B-side to a single. As it happens many times in the world of music, the B-side turns out to be the big hit. Today’s version is by Gary Hoey, who is known for taking old songs and rockin’ the hell out of them. This version of “Wipeout” is from his 2005 album “Monster Surf” which was mostly covers of surfin’ tunes. Gary overdrives the hell out of most of the songs on the album, and if you’re like me, you occasionally want to have some instrumentals rockin’ the speakers. Less distracting while I draw.

Come back Monday for more adventures as Bud returns to the hut after being swamped by the big-ass wave.