“Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” was the first movie that I got into the actual production of the film.  I read the novel that was written like a script (not a true script, but a good facsimile therein).  I was 12 when it came out and one of my sisters bought the book and it was one of my first influences into doing production work and/or writing.  I mention this only because I love that line (the one Bud uses today) in the movie after they blow the crap out of safe aboard a train only to flatten the entire train car.  It also sets up one of the longest chase scenes I can remember in a film.  Great film and a good one to study for film making, good and bad.  Plus, Redford and Newman rock.

I’m a big fan of Sweet.  I discovered them with “Little Willy” when they were more of an Archies rip-off band.  But with the release of “Fox on the Run” they became a very cool rock band and I followed them for a long time even getting some imports by them.  Today’s title is just fun and fits the action nicely!