Oh, Bud you’re in for some trouble… or is he?  Hmmm… me thinks he just might have something up those red sleeves of his.  And the Devil is hot, literally.  I love the hair-band horns.  Can’t mess up a girl’s hair now, can we?

I crack up every time I read the Devil saying “Oh, God!”  ‘Tis funny to me anyway.  I know I’ll be getting some emails from religious types, but save your breath, like George Carlin, I save my soul for the weekend.

Hot damn… sometimes the comic titles are just freakin’ perfect.  Pink Floyd’s 1975 “Welcome to the Machine” centers around an aspiring musician who is getting signed by a seedy executive to the music industry.  Sound familiar? God I love when a plan comes together.

More Devilish fun on Friday as we find out why she became a music producer. 🙂