And Plan 9 once again may become a travelin’ band.  Time will tell.  Now you’re seeing where this story is going.  Reliving old times and old horror stories as we visit some good times/bad times with Plan 9.

Doing the convention for four days last week has caught up with me, not to add that I had 26  hours of DVDs to author dropped in my lap this week.  Not complaining, good to be busy again.

Next week is Fan Expo in Toroto!  Customs, here I come!  Have a good weekend!

This Creedence Clearwater Revival song has always been one of those I crank on the radio.  It’s from their “Cosmo’s Factory” that was one of those epic albums that had like 5 or 6 singles off of it.  Hard to believe it came out in July of 1970.  It’s showing it’s age a big, but still a great album!