Don’t touch Lorraine. Chaos ensues as the gang goes crazy on each other.  Stress of being in a band and not having any money can do that and just one day you snap.

This comic was a colossal job.  First, I re-wrote the whole thing… several times.  I struggled with putting it into two separate strips and that just didn’t flow well.  Then I wanted a bit more action in the final frame as the fight breaks out.  I turned to one of my comic inspirations: Jack Davis.  Jack is well known for his illustration work, but we know him from MAD magazine.  His drawings always had TONS of action going on and all those subtle jokes built into every frame practically.  I can’t even begin to emulate his style, but I looked to some of his bar fights and what elements he added.  Thus the guy in the lower corner watching his beer go flying and the single fist taking a swing at some poor soul on the floor.  Meanwhile, our instigator just walks out unharmed.  Always the case, ain’t it?

The Doors “Touch Me” has always been one of my favorites as far as their radio hits go.  “You’re Lost Little Girl” and “Unknown Soldier” are my picks for album tracks.  But they had a ton to chose from so it’s hard to narrow it down.