I would say that “This Morning” Bud is in for more than he bargained for. We’ll be seeing a LOT more of Lorraine’s Polaroids as the Road Trip winds to a close here in the next week or so. Damn, this thing has grown a tad since I first wrote it! Captain’s prerogative I suppose.

In 1975, the Moody Blues had officially gone on “hiatus” after producing seven of the best “cosmic-rock” albums of the 60s and 70s. So, guitarist Justin Hayward and bassist John Lodge went into the studio to record an album of tracks that essentially WAS the Moody Blues’ eighth album. They used the Moody Blues producer, Tony Clarke, and even hired the same artist, Philip Travers, to do the gatefold album cover. Then to really stick it to the other members of the Moody Blues, they called themselves Blue Jays, after the first initials of their names. They only produced one album and then they each went solo.

The song “This Morning” has always been one of my favorite tunes from Justin Hayward, and he has a TON of them. He has a distinctive, thick, rich guitar sound that is really hard to imitate. And yes, I named my first son after him. I’m that way. There is a song on the album called “When You Wake Up” that I really wanted to use as today’s title, but it’s for the more hard-core Moody Blues fans. The album was re-released in 2004 on CD with some bonus tracks (and what album has NOT been re-released without bonus tracks, hmmm?).