A little animal humor courtesy of the sinfully funny webcomic “Pinkerton” drawn by some guy named Mike or something.  He hangs on Twitter and I annoy him.  Anyway, the last panel features his characters Buckley, Steve, Tucker and Martin the moose who apparently can punch Mr. T’s face off.  If Mike doesn’t sue me, we’ll continue Jeff’s Zoo job Wednesday.

Busy guy is me. Drawing two guest strips, one super-sized, then I have my submission for the Webcomics Cookbook which is a full page original strip, and I’m doing the cover for the Cookbook.  All due this week.  So, if I miss Wednesday, don’t worry, I’m still drawing!

Scorpions. Some post Michael Schenker music for you.  Schenker ended up in UFO in the later part of the 70s then split to do his own thingy.  Anyway, like ’em or hate ’em, they came up with a song for today’s comic that’s dead on.  The other choice was a Simon and Garfunkel song, and crap, who can stand that on a Monday?  Yep…