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I am having so much fun with this story. I’m trying to stretch not only my drawing abilities, but the comedy in the story as well. Credit where credit is due: Robyn chasing her loin cloth in bottom frames was my youngest son Adam’s idea. Clever bastard! So, the wave has hit and they’re all going for a rough swim. The end is coming soon enough as this arc will now start heading that direction. More later this week as I have it.

As far as deadlines go, I’m going to do what I can to produce stuff on time. But at the same time, drawing the comic is very therapeutic for me and I don’t want to make it a stress. So, just know that I’m here doing what I can and will crank them out as best I can. I do want to do two pages a week here for a small spell for two reasons. One, I want to get caught up, and two, I want to see what it really takes for me to do them in a timely fashion. Good test all around.

So, I spent the weekend busy as hell again. First, on Saturday, I spent most of the day running a broadcast of a city meeting for a client of mine. THEN I had to come home and cut down a dead pine tree in our backyard. Sunday was finishing up mowing the lawn and collecting all the trash and branches for the garbage pick up. Twice a year our city allows you to put out as MUCH trash as you want. So, there went my weekend.

Blondie. What can I say? Nothing that hasn’t been said already. Great voice, sultry look and a tight-ass band make for an unbeatable combination. And today’s song fits right in, even thought it came out in 1980. Close enough. 🙂