Dun-dun-dunnnn… Yeah, no surprise, the Mystic Frog is coming back.  Love Bud in the first panel.  Shit-eating-grins are my specialty… besides boobs.  Also, I think John Bobbit could have used Bud’s plan to his advantage back in ’93.  🙂

Beach Boys.  Love ’em and hate ’em.  Some of their songs are just freakin’ legendary and rank up there as the best of all times and some others… a lot of them, just stink.  Luckily, they had enough great stuff we ignore the utter crap they put out.  I saw them in 1975, twice, with Chicago.  Freakin’ 4 hour concert or something along that lines.  At the old Chicago Stadium where the pot smoke was so thick after the concerts the pigeons flew upside down.  Standard fair was to hit the Greek restaurant Diana’s for flaming cheese and wine.  Soothes the munchies, you know?  Nice.  So, let’s “Do It Again” with the Beach Boys for a SATURDAY.  And, no, I won’t use “Saturday In The Park” as it sucks.