A treat for you old timers of the comic.  One, we get to see how the Mystic Frog ended up in Jeff’s possession and how it’s first meeting with Bud did not go so well.  Two, for you really old timers of the comic, a big nod to you as I put some posters in the background of the third frame.  I use to do this in the very early comics as a way of reminding people this was 1977, and not present time.  But, it’s technically against copyright laws for me to feature the actual posters, but hey, let them sue me.  I could draw them in my own style and then it would fall under parody, but hey, I’m too lazy for that.

So, this week we’ll recap the Mystic Frog’s introduction.  I’m doing this mainly as the Mystic Frog is going to return to wreck some havoc once again.

Set the Way-Back Machine, Sherman, we’re going for a little 1977 Flashback.  Enjoy.

And now for you “Gremlins” fans, Mr. Wing and Mogwai make a little appearance as I nod my hat to that film.  I wanted Jeff’s Dad to go to the same store as featured in “Gremlins” and I even follow the basic story line of having the father searching for a present on Christmas eve.  Note the three rules for the Mystic Frog.  They’ll come in handy in the future.  “Gremlins” was a fun film and my kids enjoyed it.  So, in honor of Mr. Wing, here’s Heart’s “Magic Man”.  Not quite the same meaning, but hey, sue me… everyone else has. 🙂