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I’m taking a cue from the fine folks over at “MAD” magazine and I’m doing a parody of “Wild Kingdom” which was sponsored by Mutual of Omaha. This is a four-page mini-saga where Jeff and Lorraine try to take down Timon and Pumba. Continuing my revenge on Disney characters. Google “Wild Kingdom” if you’re not familiar with the show. I watched it growing up and I’m having a good time doing this parody.

In 1975, Bachman-Turner Overdrive release their fifth studio album called “Head On”. It was the only album to feature an actual title that was not an included song title or numeral. The original vinyl release featured a poster that was folded into fourths and contained the inner-jacket of the album. A clever design for it’s time. You could leave the poster in fourths, or open it up and display it on your college dorm wall (which I did). This album was one of their better albums, but gets over-shadowed by “Not Fragile”. So, I’m going to feature “Wild” songs for these next four pages. So, comment below some of your favorite “Wild” songs and I may include them in the next few posts.