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Hadn’t done a fart joke in some time and thought in light of our gang surviving on mini-hot dogs, why not bring it back in style. Also, looks like Toucan Sam has bit the big one. He won’t be following his nose after today.

The fourth panel pose that Lorraine is striking is pinched from one of my current pin-up heroes by the name of Frank Cho. Frank and J. Scott Campbell have come under fire of late because of their sexy drawings of women. I think the issue has been over-blown and like most things today, the PC police are swinging the pendulum too far the other direction. There’s room for tasteful, sexy renderings of BOTH sexes in my book, as this story illustrates perfectly. To think all pin-up artists are misogynists is just silly. It all depends on the artist.

And what better song for today than Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “That Smell”? That’s right, nothing. But I’m sure a few of you will chime in with your choices. Share away, I love to hear what songs you hear when reading the comic.