A little private eye competition always ends badly.  Now we know how Magnum ended up in Hawaii… no matter what the show producers say.  Don’t know who Nick Danger is?  Google Firesign Theatre, you’ll find him.  The original Nick Danger bit from 1969 is the best and splits my gut every time.

Story moves along next week and I’ll crank out two comics next week.  Dizzy spells seem gone so I’ve been busy catching up on all my freelance work and this story.  More as I have it!

Today’s song says thank you to all of you who have helped my family and me this year with your kindness and your support.  Enough said.  You’re the best damned readers on the planet.

BTO’s “Thank You for the Feeling” was the final track on their first album and they used it to end their concerts for years.  It’s a simple little tune that talks of a wild night and waking up the morning after with a random female next to you.  Had that experience a few times in the late ’70s!  So the song reminds me of some wild weekends and trying to remember who was next to me on a Sunday morning.


For you non-Anagram fans out there, Prerogative Visitant is an anagram for private investigator!  I love internet Anagram generators.  Fun for all!