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Robyn schools Bud on the differences between Hemp and Pot.

There’s LOTS of different opinions out there, and also a TON of different strains that have been bred of the Cannabis plant, but my point of today’s comic is that Hemp can be bred to relieve a HUGE amount of economic and ecological problems our society faces. We can get rid of petroleum products, start conserving our trees (which also make the AIR we breathe) as well as have a good soy bean replacement. Hemp is a great cash crop (your farmers know what I’m talking about) and is easy to grow.

But big oil and textile industries didn’t want the competition as they could make more money from petroleum and synthetic fibers. Both of which are NOT good for our environment. Yeah, certain strains of Cannabis can get your higher than the clouds, but all things considered, I’d rather be high in a clean environment than drunk in a dirty one. Think about it.

Jethro Tull rolls into your Monday with a great tune and the perfect song for today’s comic! Enjoy!