Let’s try this again…

Yes, to answer the questions I know everyone is going to ask, I just wiped out any and all memories of Bud’s transformations for his friends here on forward.  No one will remember but him (and his little memento).  So to all of you who have asked is Old Bud telling his daughter of the transformations, the answer is clearly no.  I know I’ve pulled a Star Trek bending the time line sorta thing here, but the transformations had run their course, in my opinion, and I did not want to have a 50 year old man suddenly turning into a woman every time someone cut him off in traffic… and in Chicagoland, that’s at every turn practically.  The events of the Road Trip have not changed… Bud’s car is still cut up, Jeff’s car is blown up, all of the pets are gone (except ol’ Poco) and so on.  Only Bud will remember his transformations and he won’t transform again… UNLESS a certain frog happens back into his life… hint.  So Budette may show up again… just something else will trigger it.

I do not often get a chance to put in a political zinger that rings true from 1977 to today, but when I wrote this Road Trip finale months ago, I knew I wanted to take a crack at our 43rd President.  You may send you hate emails to…  Anyway, in my attempts to track down where the Bush family lived in 1977, I came upon the interesting fact that George W. and Laura were married in 1977.  Oh, that capped it, I was going to use this joke.

Ah, 1968’s “Beggar’s Banquet” from the Rolling Stones was one of those albums I didn’t discover until much later in my life, but what an opening song “Sympathy for the Devil” is!  The only thing I’m not too hot on is Richard’s guitar solo which seems painfully out of place for some odd reason (at least to me).  So, a little sympathy as our lady Devil looses Bud’s soul.  🙂 (BTW, I do not spell the titles in the song box bellow, that’s some other miscreant’s misspelling!)