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The End is Near! At least for this story line. A mystery person awaits Bud and Robyn and you’ll have to wait until Monday to find out who he is.

I will have the rest of the shading done sometime on Wednesday. Tuesday was rather busy, which is a good thing! Having Liz Staley doing the inks now takes a big load off of me. I will have a Patreon only version of this comic that will be R-rated. I generally like to leave things to the imagination, but don’t mind doing extra versions of the steamier comics. This is one of those comics.

Yeah, I know, Cream is not a ’70s band, but certainly it’s members went on to rock in the ’70s for sure. “Sunshine of Your Love” is one of those songs that when I was in High School, I dug the song big-time. But  now, 45 years later, I’ve heard the song too much and it’s worn thin on me. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Anyway, rock your Hump-Day with some Cream!

And going even a tad further back into the 1960s, there’s THIS song by Paul Revere and the Raiders. “Hungry” fits today’s comic as well, but I’d rather rock with Cream. Actually, my favorite Raiders’ song is “Him Or Me” which gets cranked to 11 on the ol’ car stereo.

And I would be remiss in not giving credit to the excellent pose references done by Kate-Fox on DeviantArt.