I’m dropping all types of tiny breadcrumbs in these new comics.  I’ll recap them at the right times, so take notes class, there may be a quiz.

NEW DESKTOP!  Classic Teen Titans in honor of silly DC Comics rebooting their entire catalog (or so it seems).  I’ve not read Teen Titans since the early 70s when they went all politically correct and they started fighting teen issues instead of bad guys.  And don’t even get me started on the newest bunch with Cyborg, Starfire and the rest.  Yuk.  Give me the original gang any day.  Anyway, click on the sample image to go to the post where you can download one of ten different resolutions.  Yeah, ten!  I’m that cool.

Deep Purple’s “Fireball” album is their best in my opinion.  Great production and a solid set of tunes.  And today’s cut “Strange Kind Of Woman” defines Lorraine (in title only).  Enjoy!