“Never rub another man’s rhubarb!”  or “Dont’ get cocky, kid!”  Either way, never laugh in the face of your enemy or you may get kicked in the butt.

This comic also received the “re-do” treatment.  I’m fussing over the ending a bit too much, but with reason, as this will launch the next wave of 1977 comic’s and I want to make sure I don’t paint myself into a corner.

2010 is going back to many things that have been mentioned in the comic but never followed up on due to my either forgetting or deciding to build up another part of the story.  One such subject is Lorraine’s birth mother will be showing up this  year.  Oh yeah, Lorraine thought she was “adept” and we’ll hint to how Lorraine left Iowa in the first place to eventually meet up with Robyn.  The subscriber area will get the full story as I’ll be starting up “L&R: 1973” as a weekly insight to the story of Lorraine and Robyn’s trials and tribulations before meeting Bud and Jeff in 1977.  That will be a fun look back at the ladies of 1977.

Tomorrow: the BIG ending.  May just kill me getting it drawn on time, but it’ll be worth it.  On Monday we do a brief epilogue with Bud and daughter that will be the night-cap on the story I started a year ago with Bud telling her the stories of 1977.  That one is crackin’ me up just to draw it.

After that, hang on to your ass we’ll kick it back into overdrive into the daily antics of Bud and gang in 1977.