Who knew Robyn snored? Best to find out now…  And a little more fan service today too.

I’m gonna try my best to put out five this week… not because of the confusion of last week, but because the sequence with Robyn this week should be all together.  It would lose some impact if you had to wait until next week for the entire sequence to play itself out.   I’ve got two done already.  We’ll see how it goes.

I have to compliment the drawing software Manga Studio for their incredibly easy to use line tools that made the third panel a breeze to ink.  In the day, we would use t-squares to get nice straight lines, but inking with a straight edge of any type is a gamble at best as the ink has a tendency to run *under* the edge and spread like butter, thus ruining a great comic strip.  Today’s digital tools eliminate that and then some.  I can draw perspectives… that comes from my drafting days (I was going to draw one way or another), so having great line tools just makes my job easier.  Nice.

ZZ Top once more. I have most of their stuff and when in the proper mood, this little ol’ band from Texas can get my blood flowing.  Their 1983 release “Eliminator” was a big change in their sound and coupled with a trio of sizzling MTV videos, ZZ found a new audience and managed to keep most of their old fans too.  I being one of them.  Nearly saw ZZ Top in 1976, but the bass player managed to break his leg in a motorcycle accident and canceled the show.  Way to go, man.  So,  here’s “Sleeping Bag” as Robyn could use one in today’s comic.