I had to do an areola joke at some point… πŸ™‚

I love Jeff’s grabbing his chest in sympathy of Lorraine’s pain of washing off the marker on her boobs.Β  So, who autographed her boobs? Find out Friday!

Oh, and that jet is a Hawker 700, made from 1977 to 1983.Β  For those of you new to the comic, Jeff’s dad is a self-made millionaire and lives in California. Thus explaining how they’re going to meet up with the studio lawyer in California on Friday. Convenient.

Going back to the early ’70s for a great album track from Mountain’s “Climbing” album.Β  “Mississippi Queen” over shadows the other tracks on that album and this one is a great rocker.Β  Also, it talks about flying on an airplane and how appropriate is that? Β Or the other choice i had was “Jet” by Paul McCartnery. I went with Mountain, but am including the McCa song too.