“Does she, or doesn’t she? Hope so…” Famous punch line by George Carlin referring to an old TV ad that asked whether a woman died her hair or not, but Mr. Carlin turned it into a double entendre.  Nice.  Oh, and she does obviously.  Good for Bud!

Stand by for sex 1977 style. You know what’s coming.  🙂

Justin handled the inks today, and the old man shaded and colored it.  That’s what I wanted anyway originally.  Monday’s comic he did all the post-production work.  Today is less startling to me and eases Justin into the inking phase a bit gentler.   We both have a ways to go with our communicating.  I assume a lot with my penciling stage as *I* know what I want, but how is someone outside my chaotic brain suppose to know?  Vulcan mind melds would be real handy about now.

Convention starts tomorrow. I’m busy setting up the tables as you read this more than likely.  I’ll try my best to have Monday’s comic ready on time, but… There’s going to be beer involved this weekend for sure, so prepare for it on Tuesday as I nurse the old hang-over.

Oh and Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all!  I’ll be downtown Chicago so I’ll take in some green beer and think of all you poor slobs having to sit in your jobs all day.  Ah, to be self-employed and work at nothin’ all day.  What a life.


A little Irish Rovers for ya all.  Can’t turn down a song with Mountain Dew in the title!