A little Thor VS Batman today. Who will win?  Why Thor of course… women can’t resist those Nordic good looks and a big hammer…

A little more confrontation today… and twins!  Go Jeff.  Lead guitarists suck ’cause they always land the best chicks.  Ask any drummer or bassist (ahem) who’s taken up sloppy seconds from their lead guitarist.  We’ll see how things work out here.

I’ll be serious for a moment. I am trying very hard to put out a quality product here and in return all I normally ask is for you all to have some fun.  But at the moment my computer drive goes slowly and if my current one croaks, not only will I have to stop doing the comic, but also look for a new line of work.  So, if you can, spare the $10, please help out.  I have already started putting up content and a lot of requests.  That’s what this is all about.

Help me out and you get some cool stuff!  Thanks for anything you can do!  And to those who have already stepped up, a huge thank you to you.

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With that said, let’s do some heavy metal with the London Symphony Orchestra doing “Ride of the Valkyries” by Richard Wagner.  The first time I learned to pronounce a “W” as a “V” when I was a  young chap.  My Mom was into classical music and had all these great records I’d listen too back in 1st grade.  Yeah, a 7 year old rocking to Wagner is a sight.  I was an odd boy.  Anyway, grab some coffee and crank this baby and I guarantee you’ll get the blood pumping plus you’ll annoy your boss no end.  “Hey, it’s the classics, man!”