Welcome back to Bud and Jeff’s adventures at Illinois State University’s “Rites of Spring” concert in 1977. Bud’s temptations are just beginning, but for a while there all I needed was beer to keep me in college.

In the final panel, yes there’s a guy takin’ a whiz on the bushes.  One of the major things that got the Rites of Spring concerts canceled after 1977 was the fact that there were so many of us rabid beer drinkers and too few Porta Potties.  So, those of who could, we did our business in the bushes.  So, the final panel is my little nod to one of the many activities that got the concerts canceled after 1977.  It was a good year…

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In honor of Bud thinking about staying up All Night Long doing a term paper, here’s a little Joe Walsh to start your week off with!  You can’t go wrong with some rockin’ Joe Walsh anytime of the day or night!