With Bud and Jeff saying adios to Illinois State University and the Rites of Spring concert, our next storyline is about to start.  After today, I will only post some guest art here and there along with some updates on what I’m up too.  Some of the guest art is pretty cool and from folks you may or may not know.

In the meantime, you can help me NAME BUD! That’s right, Bud is only his nickname and I need a “real” name for him.  CLICK HERE TO ENTER YOUR SUBMISSION. Keep in mind he was born in 1957 and his last name is Chambers.  Plus, I’ll be looking for not only a fun name, but a reason behind your pick if you have one.  That will sway me a lot!  Hint.  The winner gets drawn into the comic  here upon it’s return August 1st plus a COOL PRIZE to be named later.  Enter today!  I’m taking entries until the end of June.

Okay folks, vacation time for me and my family. See you on the other side.  It won’t be long and the new 1977 website and story-lines will be posting sooner than you think!  Thank you all for the support during these trying times and know that you are the best damn readers in the industry.  Suck it you other webcomics!